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Oversea study

We Do not blindly follow, not follow the trend, rooted in the rich cultural and academic heritage of Hungary. The institutions that have established cooperative relations are:

  • University of Roland, Hungary
  • University of Miskolc, Hungary
  • Hungarian Liszt Academy of Music

Oversea camps/
traveling study

The quality overseas camp route, combined with local education features, is not just a trip, but also a chance to enrich yourself.

International internship

Truly global business opportunities in various industries and enterprises, really have a technical content to improve employment competitiveness of job resumes. The EC's overseas internship program aims to allow more promising and ambitious students and promising young people to go abroad and to go to famous universities in various industries around the world for short-term and mid-term work internships.

English training

Focuses on spoken language and applications, customized courses, and foreign teachers, providing high quality language training for people who love languages and have an international perspective.